Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Ideas

                                              Innovation and Entrepreneurship
                                    Generating and Focusing Tool (Term 1 Week 6)

Name: _Padala Sasank Ganesh__Class: Sec 1_-05____

Brainstorming Activity 1

Generate as many ideas as you can for the use of rubber bands (at least 30). Number each of your idea.

1.For cutting board
2.Use as a bookmark
3.For kitchen cabinets
4.A weapon
5.Keep thread from tangling
8.An eraser
9.Handle Grip
10.A poster scroll
12.A part of a machine
13.A ruler
14.For experiments
15.A food substitute
16.A ball

Paired Comparison Analysis Activity 1

Pick the top 4 ideas based on the criterion of innovativeness (different, most original, unique, feasible)

A.Use as a bookmark
B.Handle Grip
C.A food substitute

A vs B >  Winner 1 = B C vs D > Winner 2 = D Winner 1 vs Winner 2 = B

Where do your top 4 ideas come from? Are they ideas from the beginning, middle or end, or all over?

Ans:All over.

What gives you those ideas?

Ans:It is based on the usefulness,creativity,design and how long it can last. 

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