Thursday, 13 February 2014

My I&E Notes ~ Ryan Ong (16)

Master the Message
-Sell the art form
-Get people excited over the product
-Make sure anyone in the world can use it

Sell Dreams, Not Products
-Follow your dreams, make it and do it before improving on it
-Make the people's dream product instead of yours
-Do not improve on products that have already been invented

Create an Insanely great experience
-Make the public enjoy the entertaining features
-The idea was great and attractive, thus many people bought it
-itunes made it more convenient for people to listen to music

Say no to a thousand things
-You may have tonnes of ideas, but choose one best idea out of all of the ideas
-Work on all of the ideas to make one huge and brilliant idea
-Slowly eliminate the ideas and end up with one idea

Why do people like apple?
-It is simple and easy to use and understand
-It is user friendly
-It has many entertaining and great features, apps and products

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