Monday, 21 July 2014

Register 1-11


  1. Good way of presenting. Too much words. Font to small. Step by step way of presenting.

  2. the poster is wordy and the picture in the background may confuse the reder while the reader is reading and it may also distract the reader. The reader may not feel that the poster is interesting enough

  3. Good Comments
    - Background

    Bad Comments
    - Colour of font
    - Size of the font

  4. Good Points:

    Bad Points: Too much words
    No pictures
    Words are too small to be seen.

  5. 1) The font size is too small. It cannot be seen from a far.
    2) The overall layout is good as it is labeled.
    3) It has arrows to make the reader follow the intended flow of the poster.
    4) The colour of the fonts are not readable against the colour of the background.

  6. 1. The words are too small.
    2. The choice of colours are not good.
    3. Too much words, very less pictures.
    4. Very informative, good points.
    5. Has a graph and a chart to show the information clearly.
    6. Uses the space well.