Sunday, 27 July 2014

Red Dot Museum (Marcus, Morgan, Chia Wei , Wayne)

Red Dot Museum Questions  

Can you find examples of SCAMPER from the exhibits (represent each alphabet of SCAMPER with photographs as evidence)?

S (Substitute) 
A (Adapt) 
P(Put to other use)

P: Put to other use
The PVC bottles are used to create a forest and a art piece instead of their function of holding food 

The lamp stand in this case has been substituted  by the paper structure  


The clock hands has been eliminated by the flashing alphabets

Combine & Modify 

The chair can be combined with the stool to form a lounge chair and can be detached to form a high rise chair.It is combined with the shape of the diamond. It is a one piece chair(one chasis) instead of many other chairs. 

It is slightly curved to enhance the look of privacy and security


The lights has adapted the shape of the trees

R : Rearrange 

This is a baby washing tub. The tub lines are curved and bent and the support is at the bottom instead of the top.

2.Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs that you have seen in Red Dot Museum

It is ok to be unconventional but the products must be easy to use and functional

Q3. Take a picture of the design(s) That your group likes most and explain how it relates to the project that your group will be working on.

The chair's shape enhances privacy and is functional and user friendly.  This is a great platform for us to work on as our problem overlaps the coverage of privacy and security 

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