Wednesday, 26 March 2014

By group 2, television


  1. Slides: It is short clear cut, easy to understand and simple.

    Product: Too thick, the system might register hand gestures even when you do not mean to do the action. If I am not wrong, the modern day an LED T.V 50" is about 20kg so it is not necessarily "light". Therefore it contradicts how heavy your T.V. is .

  2. Pros; Simplicity

    Cons:Weird font, when together it looks squeezed

  3. There is an overuse of different fonts with no relation to the subject or the context of presentation.I would make it a picture presentation if I were you because if I were limited to to or three slides,I would not clutter all my information together like what you did when you presented.Otherwise,when you presented in class,you spoke with confidence and you had reasonable eye contact with the audience.
    In The last slide where you use your images to show your presentation's capabilities you made each individual image too small to be noticed well.The screenshots you put in the last slide should be separated into multiple slides as it will not take much time if you briefly run through each of it's capabilities.Anyway,it was a good presentation and you put good effort into it.